Nancy Tankersley

During this workshop students will be encouraged to regard the elements of the landscape in simple geometrical shapes so as to develop their perception and understanding of the landscape without preconceived ideas of how a landscape should look. All practical and theoretical elements of painting a landscape, or really any subject, will be covered. Students will learn to work with the big shapes first in a powerful design and then develop a more realistic painting with attention to values, color, edges, and paint handling. Figures will be introduced into the landscape in a way that is readily understandable and easy for the beginner or novice painter to accomplish.However, the majority of class time will be spent on pure landscape painting with individual instruction tailored to the needs of each student.

Outline: Day 1 – Introductory lecture and demo AM; exercises painting outdoors PM

Day 2 – Color in the Landscape Demo AM (outdoors) ; landscape painting outdoors PM

Day 3 – Mid-workshop critique in AM followed by short demo on introducing people or animals into the workshop; landscape painting outdoors PM

Day 4 – All day plein air painting with optional critique at end of day

If the weather prevents us from going out, I can do a demo about how still life painting will strengthen plein air skills and then students can paint from a still life.

Richeson Art has put together a student kit which has all the paints, brushes and palette knives needed for this class. If you are buying oil supplies for the first time, this is a good deal and can be purchased at under Nancy Tankersley Oil Painting Workshop Kit. Supply List for Outdoor Oil Painting Paint:
 Cadmium yellow light, Hansa Yellow or Lemon yellow ( or any cool yellow) Cadmium yellow medium or Indian yellow ( or any warm yellow) Cadmium red light or naphthol red (warm red) Alizarin crimson permanent Ultramarine blue